What Should a Parent Do When a Child is Injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

What Should a Parent Do When a Child is Injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

Children are not known for their sound decision making, and when a sudden urge to run away from a parent happens at the same time a distracted driver is looking down at their phone, tragedy can strike. When your child is hurt in a pedestrian accident, every moment counts. To learn more about what to do after a crash, and for more personalized advice regarding your accident, call Peake & Fowler at 803-788-4370.

Serious Risks for Children

Not only are children often more at risk for pedestrian accidents than adults, they are more likely to sustain serious injuries if they are in an accident. Children can often be involved in accidents if they run from their parents on a walk, dash away from park equipment, or run into the parking lot while waiting for their parents to get out any other children. This is why the importance of safe driving and attentiveness is so heavily stressed in driving classes. However, as we all know, drivers often drive too fast for conditions, drive while distracted, or drive while fatigued, leaving them unable to stop in time to prevent an accident.

Common Injuries

Broken bones are quite common in pedestrian accidents. This is dangerous for children, as the breaking and resetting of growing bones can cause issues with their development. However, one of the most dangerous types of injuries for children is a head injury. Traumatic brain injuries can range from a mild concussion that heals within a relatively short period of time to a severe injury that leaves a child comatose. Even if a child does wake up from a serious brain injury, they could spend the rest of their life paralyzed, with limited verbal abilities, or with poor emotional control. Almost anything can happen with a traumatic brain injury, depending on which part of the brain is affected.

The Importance of Immediate Medical Care

As a parent, your first priority must be the physical wellbeing of your child. After calling 911, wait with your child and try to keep them still until help arrives. Any unnecessary movement can worsen an existing injury.

It’s recommended that you seek immediate care. Even if your child appears to be healthy and uninjured, a number of unseen injuries can occur after a pedestrian accident. By the time they become apparent, it may be too late for a full recovery or you could be unable to prove the connection between the accident and the injuries.

Make sure that you keep all of the documentation they provide to you at the doctor’s office or emergency room. This will be necessary when you seek compensation from the liable party.

Saving Copies of Every Piece of Evidence

You may be able to seek compensation for your child’s medical bills and any income you lose while caring for your child with a personal injury case. However, a successful personal injury case requires evidence. Create a dedicated folder for accident evidence, and use it to keep:

  • Copies of medical bills
  • Copies of medical discharge papers and test results
  • Photos from the scene of the accident
  • Photos of your child’s injuries
  • Notes about your child’s pain levels or limitations from day to day
  • Police report
  • Witness contact information

Your lawyer will use this information to construct a case and fight for the compensation you are entitled to.

Why You Need an Attorney Immediately

Proving liability in a pedestrian case is challenging, especially when a child is involved. You will need to demonstrate not only that the accident caused the injuries, but that the accident was the fault of the driver. Insurance companies are very good at talking themselves out of liability in these types of accidents, and you could find yourself with your claim denied before you even get a chance to argue your point.

An attorney knows the common factors that can complicate a pedestrian accident claim and will do everything possible to make a strong case for you. Furthermore, they will also take care of negotiations and communication with the insurance company, allowing you to focus on your child’s needs during this difficult time.

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