delayed injuries from a car accident

Delayed Injuries from a Car Accident

Some injuries are immediately apparent. Broken bones and large abrasions are generally easy enough to identify and treat promptly. However, you also have to watch out for injuries that take longer to show up. Delayed symptoms may be indicative of serious and even life-threatening injuries, which is why it is so crucial to seek medical care after an accident.

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A headache is normal after a car accident. After all, you’ve been through serious trauma and even without a traumatic brain injury you may experience a headache. It’s important, though, to pay attention to the severity and progress of the headache. If it worsens over time, isn’t touched by ibuprofen or other pain meds, or gets so bad that it causes nausea or vomiting, you need to get it checked out by a medical professional. You may be suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are common symptoms after an accident. When you brace for impact, your neck and back absorb most of the impact. But don’t write off back and neck pain; these symptoms are often indicative of injuries that require additional medical care. Again, look for pain that does not go away with ibuprofen or aspirin. Look for pain that is so intense that it keeps you from focusing on anything else, or pain that increases in severity over time. It could be indicative of spinal cord damage, spine injuries, or soft tissue damage.

Delayed Bruising

Deep bruises that appear days after your accident could be serious. Of course, bruising to some degree is normal after a crash. What you need to look out for is deep bruising around the abdomen. This could be indicative of soft tissue damage or internal bleeding. These injuries can be fatal if untreated, so get any bruising checked out immediately. It’s likely that it’s just normal bruising, but you have no way of knowing unless you get it checked out by a medical professional.

Numbness or Tingling

In the hours and days that pass after your accident, you may notice some changes in your extremities. If you find yourself constantly wiggling your fingers or toes to keep them awake and prevent the unpleasant tingling feeling, you should take note of that symptom and get checked out by a doctor. Car accidents can cause major damage to every part of your body, and in some cases, they result in pinched nerves. If you find yourself with more and more numbness or tingling as time passes, get to a doctor right away. The longer nerve damage is untreated, the less likely it is to be repairable.

Sudden Changes in Mood and Behavior

This is perhaps the most important symptom to watch out for in the wake of a car accident. Traumatic brain injuries range in severity and outcome, from minor concussions that heal without intervention to lifelong TBIs that keep you from living independently. The issue is that brain injuries are extremely diverse. The symptoms all depend on which part of the brain is impacted.

However, one symptom that often arises in people with moderate or severe brain injuries is a change in behavior or mood. This may indicate damage to the part of the brain that handles emotional regulation and decision-making. Look for sudden angry outbursts, unexpected crying spells, irrational decisions, and intense mood swings. You may also want to watch for memory loss or repeated questions. Similar symptoms include difficulty speaking or finding the right word for each sentence, intense sleepiness or fatigue, sudden depression, and difficulty with verbal or written communication.

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