Truck driver distraction and accidents

Why Truck Driver Distraction is on the Rise in South Carolina

Truck accidents are devastating sights. Not only do they cause trauma for those who are involved, but those who witness a crash may have a hard time forgetting it. While truck accidents aren’t terribly common, they are on the rise—and driver distraction is a big part of that. Find out why truck driver distraction is becoming a more severe problem and what it means for South Carolina drivers.

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Sources of Distraction

One of the main reasons that truck drivers are more distracted is that there are simply more ways for them to become distracted. Consider cars and trucks ten or fifteen years ago compared to those today. There were few with infotainment systems, and even those that did have that technology were so glitchy and touchy that they were frustrating to use. On top of that, cell phones are now more entertaining and easier to get a hold of than ever before. In fact, cell phones and infotainment systems are a top source of distractions for drivers.

Beyond technology, there are many other distractions that keep truck drivers’ eyes, minds, and hands occupied. Eating and drinking are always an issue, and unfortunately, a lot of truck drivers have to eat on the go because of the demands of their jobs. They may also be distracted by conditions outside their vehicle. Adverse weather, road construction, and dense traffic are all important to pay attention to. However, they can also make it harder to focus on your own driving.

What’s Putting Truck Drivers at Risk of Distraction?

Why are distracted drivers at an all-time high? A lot of factors are contributing to this trend. To start, the number of distractions is higher than ever. Additionally, those distractions are more appealing than they have ever been. The high-stress work environment faced by truck drivers is another important factor. 

Companies put an enormous amount of pressure on drivers to finish hauls at breakneck speed, even if that means skipping breaks or speeding. This level of mental strain is not normal or sustainable—and that puts people at greater risk of succumbing to distractions or self-soothing with distractions.

Inadequate training is another cause of distracted driving. New drivers must be taught about the importance of avoiding distracted driving and given tools to help them resist distractions. Unfortunately, some truck driving training programs focus solely on the physical aspects of the job and ignore the mental demands of the job.

Finally, truck driving is an isolating and monotonous job. It’s very mentally challenging to stay focused on the road for eight or more hours per day, and at some point, many drivers just want to feel connected. Checking social media or texting a friend fills that void.

The Consequences of Distracted Driving

The consequences of distracted truck driving are massive. Distracted driving makes you less likely to obstacles on the road. It also takes your mental energy off of the road and leaves you less capable of responding to obstacles or unexpected situations. Consider this: someone driving 55 miles per hour and sending a text will drive the length of a football field without looking at the road. That is an incredible amount of distance to cover, and the consequences are even worse when a commercial truck is the force barreling down the road.

One of the worst parts of distracted truck driving accidents is that drivers may not even know an accident is imminent until it’s already happening. If you’re looking down at your phone and driving, you may not look up until it’s too late. At that point, trying to stop or slow down will have minimal effect. When a driver doesn’t have time to mitigate the damage of a crash by slowing down, the damage is much worse.

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