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The Role of Medical Experts in Auto Accident Cases

When you decide to pursue compensation after an injury, you’ll need to rely on the expertise of various professionals to prove your claim and fight for what you deserve. A medical expert may play a substantial role in demonstrating the extent of your injuries, which could be the foundation of your entire claim.

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Assessment and Documentation of Injuries

When they work with auto accident clients, medical experts spend much of their time assessing and documenting their injuries. It’s important to work with an expert from the beginning, as they can then track the injury as it moves through the healing process. Additionally, having proof of your injuries immediately after an accident makes it harder for the insurance company to deny a link between the accident and your injuries.

Medical experts evaluate accident victims’ injuries, giving victims documentation of the severity of their injuries. Throughout the evaluation process, medical experts may physically examine the patient, run diagnostic tests, and get more information on their medical history.

Demonstration of Causation and the Impact of the Injury

Even if you seek medical care right after an accident, the insurance company may still try to claim that your injuries are not accident-related. Remember, their ability to deny you compensation hinges on how well they avoid liability. They may say that your injuries are pre-existing or the result of another incident.

That’s where a medical expert’s insight comes in. They can analyze the injury and explain how they can tell what likely caused the injury and even what specific mechanism or force would cause such an injury. In this way, medical experts can link your injuries directly to the accident and make it far more difficult for the insurance company to deny liability.

Another key part of your case is the impact of the injury on your life, and your doctors may also comment on that. A medical expert may explain how your injuries are likely to affect your life long-term, how they may impact your ability to work, and what assistance you may need to enjoy the same quality of life you had before the collision.

Explanation of the Injury’s Effect on Your Long-Term Health

If your injuries are severe or catastrophic, there’s a good chance you will be dealing with the ramifications of them for the rest of your life. If that’s the case, the medical expert may be able to explain the type of long-term care you may need. Their input may paint a picture of your limitations going forward, what type of care you will need and how much it will cost, and if you will require ongoing medical treatment for the rest of your life.

A Medical Expert’s Role in Negotiations and Litigation

When your attorney brings in a medical expert, they do so knowing that a medical expert’s background can put the insurance company in a tough spot. When a medical expert’s testimony shows that the other party is liable for your injuries and that your injuries will negatively impact your life, the insurance company often has no choice but to settle. Not only does the medical expert comment directly on the injuries you’ve sustained, but they may also have enough experience in this field to discuss the financial losses associated with your injuries.

Should your case go to court, the medical expert will be subject to rigorous questioning by the other party’s attorney. Juries tend to place a lot of weight on what medical professionals say, so the presence of a strong medical expert can play a crucial role in your case.

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