The Importance of the Accident Reconstruction Specialist for Your Case

The Importance of the Accident Reconstruction Specialist for Your Case

If your car accident case is especially complex or contentious, your attorney may need to bring in outside experts to help prove your claim and get the compensation you deserve. One of the most commonly used resources is an accident reconstruction specialist.

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What is An Accident Reconstruction Specialist?

An accident reconstruction specialist is someone with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of how car accidents happen and what type of evidence each type of collision leaves behind. They may have professional backgrounds in investigative work, law enforcement, and personal injury law.

Throughout their careers, reconstructionists gain substantial experience in interpreting evidence, putting evidence together with other pieces of evidence to understand the context of an accident, and explaining the accident as a whole.

The level of expertise your specialist has is important, especially if your case goes to court. If statements come from a specialist with a long track record of accurate analyses and lots of respect within their industry, a jury takes them far more seriously. However, if statements come from a specialist with a shaky track record or minimal experience, what they say could actually hurt your claim.

How Accident Reconstruction Specialists Analyze Evidence

To start, accident reconstruction teams can often gain an enormous amount of information at the crash scene. Their experience allows them to gather necessary evidence in a short timeframe and analyze it, allowing road crews to clear the debris and make the road safe again.

Accident reconstruction experts use their knowledge of different types of accidents to interpret evidence. For example, an accident involving a commercial truck will be analyzed differently than a crash involving passenger vehicles. Trucks are much larger than passenger vehicles, are in an entirely different shape, and have longer stop times due to their length and weight.

Experts may begin at the end and work their way backward to determine how an accident occurred. By looking at the final resting spot of both vehicles, debris, and the victims, they can gather detailed information about speed, direction, and driving maneuvers.

Using an Accident Reconstruction Specialist to Support Your Case

Your attorney may decide that an accident reconstruction specialist is an asset that your case needs. If the evidence is ambivalent enough to make liability unclear or the other side is unwilling to admit their client’s role in the accident, bringing in a neutral third-party expert may give your case the leverage it needs.

Reconstruction specialists provide value in their accurate and efficient analysis, but that isn’t where the benefits end. They also know how to explain this information to a range of audiences, including insurance adjusters, laypeople, and jury members. By explaining how an accident happened in a concise, easy-to-follow manner, reconstruction experts make it easier for all involved parties to get the information they need to make an informed decision.

When a Specialist is Necessary

Your attorney will determine whether or not an accident reconstruction specialist is necessary after looking at your case and the evidence you have. As is the case with any other resource, reconstruction work comes at a price.

Your lawyer will only decide to use this service if it is likely to benefit your case and increase the amount you ultimately receive. If your accident is straightforward and the evidence is easily analyzed, you may not need an accident reconstruction specialist.

If there are confounding factors that make it hard to understand the sequence of events leading up to the crash, an expert may be able to provide clarity. For example, collisions involving more than two vehicles often have some degree of shared liability. Determining what happened and when may help the involved attorneys assign fault.

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