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Single-Car Crash Leads to Fatality in Little Mountain

A crash occurring on Wheeland School Road in Newberry County recently resulted in the death of the driver. Highway Patrol are continuing to investigate the accident, but it appears that the driver, traveling west, for some reason ran off the road and hit a tree, at which time the vehicle burst into flames. The driver died at the scene of the accident. The name of the driver has not been released.

It can be difficult to investigate accidents involving a single vehicle where the driver has died. Loss of income earned by the deceased family member, in addition to costs of medical attention prior to the victim’s death, and costs associated with burial, can weigh heavily on the victim’s surviving family. While alcohol or simple driver inattention are sometimes to blame, there are a number of other reasons that such accidents may have occurred, many of which may in fact entitle victims of single-car crashes, or their heirs, to compensation.

One example of such a cause is a hazardous road condition. If the roadway near the crash site was marked by deep or dangerous potholes, was unevenly paved, or was under construction and left in an unsafe state by construction crews, the government entity responsible for the road’s condition may be liable for damages resulting from the crash.
Another potential cause of a single-car crash is mechanical failure. Perhaps a component of the car was poorly designed by the manufacturer, and its failure led to the crash. The victims of that crash could bring a case against the designer, manufacturer, or distributor of the car for resulting damages in a product liability action. Similarly, if a mechanic had recently worked on the car, but the repairs were not completed or were done improperly, and the mechanic’s failings led to the crash, then that mechanic may be responsible for the ensuing injuries.

Seeking compensation for single-car crashes can require the investigation and knowledge of skilled experts. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a single car crash, seek counsel from an experienced attorney versed in such investigations, so that you can ensure that you’re fully compensated for your loss. Reach out to the seasoned Columbia personal injury and car accident attorneys at Peake and Fowler for a no-cost consultation on your potential legal claim.