golf cart accidents in South Carolina

Golf Cart Accidents Can Result in Significant Damages

On a golf course, you have a couple of options for getting around. Some prefer to walk from hole to hole, getting a little bit of time to think and regroup before hitting the next hole. When you think about doing that 17 times in a single game, it’s no wonder that many people opt for option two: golf carts.

While golf carts can keep golf games moving at a quicker pace, they come with substantial risks. Learn more about golf cart accidents, and to discuss your personal injury claim with Peake & Fowler, call us at 803-788-4370.

Safety Restrictions Are Limited

One of the main reasons that golf cart accidents are dangerous is the lack of safety restrictions. Golf courses generally have free rein over how they allocate their golf carts. While some only allow licensed drivers who aren’t drinking to rent a cart, others will look the other way as long as they get the money for the rental. This means that you really never know whom you’ll come across on the golf cart. You could come across conscientious careful golf cart drivers or young drivers who are experiencing their first time behind the wheel of any vehicle.

Driver Behavior is Often Unsafe

Since golf carts aren’t often considered “real vehicles,” drivers don’t always take the task seriously. While it’s true that golf carts drive at lower speeds and for shorter distances, that doesn’t mean that they can’t cause injuries or property damage.

Drivers may feel free to have a drink or two (or more) while cruising around the golf course, or they may zip across the course as a whole without regard for people walking around. This ramps up the likelihood of accidents and puts innocent golfers in danger.

Golf Carts Come with Minimal Safety Equipment

When you compare golf carts to cars, the lack of safety gear is mind-boggling. Few golf carts have seat belts, and almost none of them have doors. In some ways, this makes sense; if you’re getting in and out at every hole, a door can be cumbersome. However, even a partial door would offer some protection in a crash. The majority of golf carts also do not have mirrors or lights, both of which significantly decrease the risk of accidents.

Why do golf carts have little to no safety features? They aren’t legally required to, and that means that the manufacturers aren’t going to spend the extra money putting those features in.

Golf Cart Dangers Are Very Real

When you combine these factors, it’s easy to see how golf cart accidents are on the rise. Unfortunately, these accidents aren’t always minor. Even if it’s traveling at a low speed, a golf cart striking a pedestrian can cause serious injuries. Drivers often refuse to give important information at the scene of the crash and try to downplay both the severity of the crash and their role in it. While victims can call the police, they may be unwilling to write a report unless they deem the accident to be serious enough.

That’s why you have to advocate for yourself if you are hurt in a golf cart accident. Insist on calling the police and making a report, even if you have to be assertive about it. Ensure that you get the driver’s name and contact information. Additionally, you will want to report the accident to management at the golf course. If they allow drivers to use golf carts without verifying that they can safely do so, they may be partially or completely liable for subsequent accidents.

Most importantly, consult an attorney after a golf cart crash. While it may be a bit of a battle to get the compensation you deserve, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you fight for the compensation you are rightfully owed.

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