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Top Five Reasons to Hire an Attorney if You Have Been Injured in a South Carolina Car Accident

You drive carefully and cautiously, paying attention to the road conditions and the traffic moving around you. Unfortunately, all the care in the world may not protect you from being struck and injured by a careless, reckless or negligent driver. It is only right that the negligent driver compensate you for your injuries, but actually obtaining the right amount of compensation requires skill and determination. Here are the top five reasons why hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer is key to your success in a South Carolina auto accident case.

1. Knowing the extent of your car accident injuries requires experience and investigation.

When you are injured in a car crash, certain aspects of your damages are plainly visible, such as the damage to your vehicle and the cuts and bruises on your body. The insurance company may be quick to offer you a check to cover these damages, and you may readily accept, glad that the process to obtain compensation went so quickly and easily. But as injury attorneys who have handled numerous car accident cases, we know that all of your injuries may not be readily apparent, and that you may have additional expenses down the road that you have not even thought about. An experienced car accident lawyer thinks of everything. We make sure you are covered not only for past medical expenses, but for future medical as well. We obtain compensation for lost wages not just for the time you missed from work, but if you are disabled from working in the future as well, whether entirely or at a diminished earning capacity. Your own unique situation may require other forms of compensation as well.

2. You have enough on your plate without taking on the burden of a personal injury litigation.

Your focus needs to be on your own personal care and recovery, getting back on your feet, getting back to work, or getting your household back in order. Getting the right amount of compensation from the insurance company takes time and effort, and you already have enough to deal with. Handling personal injury cases is all we do. It is our job to devote the time, energy and attention to your case that is necessary to get the maximum amount of compensation.

3. An attorney will make sure your case doesn’t slip through the cracks.

You may have heard of the statute of limitations and know that you have a limited timeframe within which to file a lawsuit, and that if you miss this deadline, you can be barred from recovery. While this deadline may seem to be some distant point in the future, it can actually come at you fast as you are busy dealing with your own recovery, handling bills and paperwork, and enduring insurance company negotiations that seem to drag on endlessly. An attorney will make sure that important deadlines are not missed, including the applicable statute of limitations. If you were injured on the job or on public property, there may be other timelines involved as well which are much shorter than the standard statute of limitations. Don’t lose your right to compensation because of a technical error or mistake.

4. Insurance companies take advantage of the unrepresented.

It is true that the vast majority of injury cases settle without going to court, so you may be wondering why you can’t just settle the case on your own. The simple truth is that insurance companies are vastly more experienced than you are at estimating the value of a claim and negotiating a favorable settlement. The initial settlement offer made to an unrepresented person is almost never realistic in terms of what the claim is actually worth. When they see that you are represented by an experienced personal injury attorney with a record of results in court, however, they are much more apt to deal with you fairly and settle for an appropriate amount.

5. You may need to go to court.

Although most cases do settle, not all do, and it may be necessary to go to court to win your case. Even if a trial is unlikely, it is important to prepare for that eventuality from day one. This is what successful personal injury attorneys do. From the very start, we prepare your case as if it is going to trial. This approach put us in the best bargaining position to extract the most favorable settlement from the insurance company. If an appropriate figure cannot be reached, then we are ready to go trial and in a position to win a judgment or jury verdict in your favor. Hiring an attorney at the last minute to represent you does not put you in the best position for success. Hiring experienced South Carolina injury lawyers from the very start does.